COVID-19 Employee Information

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CTC Faculty and Staff,

Thank you for your cooperation and recent efforts in transitioning to a remote work environment. Your support and ingenuity make it possible for the college to continue serving our students and managing college operations during this difficult time. The Board of Trustees along with the Administration are very appreciative of your commitment to our students.
Federal social distancing guidelines are extended to April 30 in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. In my ongoing concern for the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff, we will continue to work remotely through May 1. Likewise, full-time employees will continue to be authorized business interruption (BI) through May 1.

The administration will continue to monitor the COVID-19 crisis. In the meantime, stay safe and stay in place. We will get through this.

Posted 3.25.2020, 10:22 AM

Travel Memo from Robert Liberty, Associate Deputy Chancellor for Finance:  Travel Memo

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Memo from Holly Jordan, Associate Deputy Chancellor for Human Resources:  Information on Payroll and Leave While Working Remotely

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Your health and safety remain my top priority as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.
Today, March 23, 2020, Bell County Judge David Blackburn issued Bell County Disaster Declaration Directive #3 – Stay Home Stay Safe, effective at 11:59 pm this evening and ending at 11:59 pm on April 3. This Order requires all individuals anywhere in Bell County to shelter in place – that is, stay at home -- except for certain essential activities and certain essential business and government services.
As a political subdivision providing education to our community, Central Texas College is authorized by the Order to continue providing classes and services to our students in compliance with the social distancing requirements of six feet, to the extent possible. Therefore, CTC classes will continue online for the remainder of the Spring semester. Students will be allowed to use previously identified resources and services to facilitate completion of their coursework while complying with the Order and social distancing requirements.
The Order included social distancing recommendations to protect our vulnerable populations and minimize exposure to the disease. We are currently operating under Centers for Disease Control guidelines in keeping our students and employees safe, however, I find it necessary to issue a directive requiring all employees to work remotely, except when necessary to be onsite for essential work activity. This directive remains in effect for the duration of the Order. Vulnerable populations include those individuals who are 60 years and older, as well as those with certain health conditions. Employees that fall into this category are strongly urged to work from home and delegate essential functions that must be completed onsite.

Thank you for your continued patience during this difficult time. Please be diligent in keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy. We will get through this.

Jim Yeonopolus

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Central Texas College announced updates to its COVID-19 response plan designed to minimize risk to students, staff, and faculty. CTC remains closed to students and visitors through April 3, 2020, with the exception of limited labs and testing services.

Effective yesterday, March 18, Texas locations are re-opened for staff and faculty to complete work that requires them to be on site, as determined by their Dean or Associate Deputy Chancellor. In addition, these administrators may direct employees to work remotely during this time.

On Monday, March 23, all Texas location employees will return to work. Deans and Associate Deputy Chancellors will determine employee work schedules and if work will be performed on site, remotely or a combination of both. Supervisors will contact employees with specific information on work schedules, work locations, communication protocols and other details. Exterior doors of all campus buildings will be locked during this time, so employees must coordinate with supervisors to obtain access into buildings. No visitors or family members will be allowed in the offices.

Hours not worked during the campus closure will fall into one of four categories: business interruption, sick, vacation, and leave without pay, as approved by your Dean or Associate Deputy Chancellor in accordance with HR policies.When working on site, employees will be required to comply with social distancing guidelines. During the campus closure, employees may wear business casual dress, to include jeans and denim.

All employee support departments will be available via phone or email.

Please check the following webpages to stay updated on details:

Student-specific information:

General COVID-19 information for the public:

Posted 3.14.2020, 4:25 PM

All Texas locations and offices will be closed March 16-22 for all staff and faculty.  Employees may not work on Texas campuses next week.  The time off will be paid leave and will be shown on the timesheet as Business Interruption (BI).
In rare instances employees may need to work remotely to perform tasks that cannot be delayed one week. Approval from employee's Associate Deputy Chancellor or Dean is needed for anyone to work remotely. In addition, Deans and Associate Deputy Chancellors may direct employees to complete specific work critical to the continued operation of the college.
Timesheets for hourly employees for March 1-15 should be submitted and approved by supervisors no later than March 20th.  Employees can reset their Webadvisor password on the website if needed by selecting the "What's my password" link located on the top right corner of the WebAdvisor login page.
If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor for assistance.

Information is provided for students, which includes precautions and resources, is located at