Facility Management Projects

Department moves:

Starting July 10, 2017, the Finance department will permanently move from System Services (Bldg. 111) to the Nursing Center (Bldg. 155) Section B, second floor. 

Projects in Construction Phase

Central Campus

  • Security systems upgrade - Exterior doors on all buildings (Phase I). Completion date is July 2017.
  • B103 Renovation - Renovate former HR building into classroom building; building will contain 12 classrooms and two labs. Estimated completion is July 2017

Campus Infrastructure

  • First phase began February 2017 -  it includes electrical distribution improvements feeding all buildings on lower section of campus.
    • *Electrical shut down for Administration building (Bldg. 108) has been postponed until August 11-13, 2017.

    • Starting July 9, 2017, transfer of electrical power will occur at 5:30 a.m. to generator power (process will take no more than two hours) at Engineering Arts and Technology (Bldg. 101) and Oveta Culp Hobby Library (Bldg. 102). Restored back to building power on July 16, 2017.

      *July 19 - Aug 9, installation of concrete tunnels will begin. Work will occur on the west side of both the Administration (Bldg. 108) and Academic East and West buildings (Bldg. 104) and impact the adjacent sidewalks. Please be aware of construction barriers and general construction noise during this phase of the improvement project.
    • *Academic East and West (Bldg. 104) will be closed from Monday, August 14 through Sunday August 27, 2017, for electrical improvements. The building will have no power, air conditioning or lighting. The closure will  impact all offices and classrooms including department offices.         

    • *Morton Hall Dormitory (Bldg. 120). Work is progressing on the west side of campus.  Trenching and construction work around the dorm will continue over the summer.  Please be aware of construction barriers and general construction noise during this new improvement project.     

      Second phase projected to begin fall 2017 will include heating/cooling/sewer/fiber improvements to various buildings.