Facility Management Projects

Current Projects:

Facilities Management has begun the security camera installation portion of the campus-wide access control project which is expected to last seven months. The contractor, STS360, is installing wiring, software, power and cameras. All employees of STS360 are supposed to have the name of the company on their clothing. If you have any questions or concerns about the contractor, please contact Donna Suddreth at ext. 1196.

Sections of Parking Lot I of the Administration building (Bldg. 108) will be closed starting December 20 and will re-open in approximately two to three weeks.

Beginning in January, sections of Academic Drive from Bell Tower to the Computer Science building (Bldg. 104) will be closed and remain closed for approximately two months.

Parking lot E2, which serves the Computer Science building (Bldg. 121), the Frank Mayborn Telecommunications building (Bldg. 109), the Fine Arts building (Bldg. 112), the Anderson Campus Center (Bldg. 156) and the power plant (Bldg. 107) is closed until summer 2019. Reserved and open parking will be available in parking lot R to the south of the Anderson Campus Center on either side of Academic Dr.

Phase Six of the renovations in the campus mall area is underway and involves the remainder of the campus mall area from Eagle Hall (Bldg. 103) to Bell Tower Dr. by the Science Center (Bldg. 150) and the Technology Center/Mayborn Science Theater (Bldg. 152). Temporary fencing has been put up as new lighting structures, sidewalks, sod and other infrastructure improvements are being completed. The general walking area is restricted as two sidewalks are open – one from Bldg. 103 to Bldg. 101 and the other from Bldg. 156 to Bldg. 150.

The sewer line project affecting parking lot I of the Administration building (Bldg. 108) and Academic Dr. has been postponed until early in the new year.