Facility Management Projects

Current Projects:

Temporary road closures:

A portion of Academic Dr. in front of Morton Hall (Bldg. 120 - student dorms) to Bell Tower Dr. is temporarily closed during Phase I of a sewer line upgrade. Entrance to the Administrative building (Bldg. 108) parking lot (Lot I) will be closed from Academic Dr. and drivers should use the exit/entrance off Bell Tower Dr. Drivers can also use Resident Dr. which leads behind Morton Hall to the south side of Bldg. 111 to avoid the road closure.

Phase II of the sewer line upgrade on Academic Dr. will begin once Phase I is complete. Then, the portion of Academic Dr. in front  of Student Services (Bldg. 119) to Systems Services (Bldg. 111) will be temporarily closed. Drivers can use Resident Dr. behind Bldg. 111, Bldg. 119 and Bldg. 120 to avoid the road closure.

Temporary fencing has been set up between System Services (Bldg. 111) and Student Services (Bldg. 119) for asphalt work in parking lot F1. Access to parking lot F1, Student Services, the campus police and Student Services will be available, but traffic circulation along the east side of the building and parking lot F1 will be impacted for approximately one week. In order to expedite this project, the driveway between Bldg. 111 and Bldg. 119 will be closed for a few more weeks.

The parking lot (E-2) adjacent to the Fine Arts (Bldg. 112), Telecommunications (Bldg. 109), Computer Science (Bldg. 121), the Power Plant (Bldg. 107) and the Anderson Campus Center (Bldg. 156) is now closed for infrastructure work. Contractors have put up temporary fencing around the perimeter of the parking lot which will also restrict access along the sidewalk between parking lot E-2 and Buildings 109, 112 and 121. Openings in the fence to the parking lot are for construction crews and contractors only so they can move equipment in and out. Fence openings do not mean the parking lot is open for use for pedestrian traffic. The parking lot will remain closed until the start of the fall 2019 semester.