Facility Management Projects

Current Projects:

In late October, parking lot E2, which serves the Computer Science building (Bldg. 121), the Frank Mayborn Telecommunications building (Bldg. 109), the Fine Arts building (Bldg. 112), the Anderson Campus Center (Bldg. 156) and the power plant (Bldg. 107) will be closed. Reserved and open parking will be available in parking lot R to the south of the Anderson Campus Center on either side of Academic Dr. The work is scheduled to be completed in summer 2019.  

Phase Six of the renovations in the campus mall area is underway and involves the remainder of the campus mall area from Eagle Hall (Bldg. 103) to Bell Tower Dr. by the Science Center (Bldg. 150) and the Technology Center/Mayborn Science Theater (Bldg. 152). Temporary fencing has been put up as new lighting structures, sidewalks, sod and other infrastructure improvements are being completed. The general walking area is restricted as two sidewalks are open – one from Bldg. 103 to Bldg. 101 and the other from Bldg. 156 to Bldg. 150.

The covered walkway immediately in front of the library remains open in both directions (east and west). Everything west of the Student Center (Bldg. 106) is now open as the work on that end of the campus mall has been complete.

The sewer line project affecting parking lot I of the Administration building (Bldg. 108) and Academic Dr. has been postponed until early in the new year.

Overall Campus Infrastructure:

A 20-month Campus Utility Infrastructure and Renovation Plan (Phase II) began in the fall 2017 and includes heating/cooling/sewer/fiber improvements to various buildings.

  • As of May 7, temporary fencing was place in the campus mall area closing the fountain area between the library (Bldg. 102) and Student Center (Bldg. 106) to allow for the demolition of concrete in front of the library and around the fountain.
  • The general walking area will then be restricted. The covered walkway immediately in front of the library will be open in both directions (east and west).