Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: How do I sign up for "in-person" training classes?

    Answer: Call 254-526-1333 or email
  2. Question: What do I need to do to get access to the online training courses?

    Answer: To get a username and password for the online training courses, please log in to Doc e Fill (eForms) and submit an Employee Online Training Request.
  3. Question: How do I find out about upcoming training courses?

    Answer: Upcoming courses are advertised through the Employee Training Calendar and in the NewsLink. You can also stop by the office (Bldg. 155, Room C136) and pick up a hard copy or you can call us at 254-526-1333 and we'll tell you what's coming up. Please note, the Employee Training Calendar is sent to supervisors on a monthly basis.
  4. Question: What training am I required to take and how often?

    Answer: All CTCD employees are required to complete Equal Employment Opportunity and Sexual Harassment/Assault (EEO/SHP) training within 30 days of hire and every two years thereafter. Central campus employees are also required to complete New Employee Orientation and Customer Service (NEO) training and Hazard Communications (HAZCOMM) training (these are one-time-only training requirements).

    Central campus employees are also required to complete Safety: Emergency Evacuation and Lockdown training within 30 days of hire. Every year after that, you are required to complete two online safety training modules.

    If you are a contract employee, you are required to complete Ethics training. Also, any employee who works with student records is required to complete Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) training and if you use the Colleague Database, you will need to complete the Colleague Basic Navigation (CBN) training.

    Other training may be required by your local supervisor, but these are the mandatory training requirements per CTCD policy.