Request Online Training

The Employee Training department uses Blackboard as its online training platform. We have a variety of courses available to all CTCD employees.

If you already have a Blackboard account, enter your username in the space provided on the form and we will add our courses to your course list. If you do not have a Blackboard account, leave that field blank.

Click the button below to open the Online Training Request Form. Fill out the form and select all courses desired.

Request Online Training Form

Fill in all of the requested employee information and then click the checkbox beside the course(s) you would like to complete online. If you don't know your seven digit Colleague ID, sometimes referred to as an Employee ID or PEID, you can leave that field blank.

When the form is complete, you should save a copy for your records and then click the Submit button to email the form to the Employee Training department.

If you have any difficulty completing or submitting this form, please contact us.