Grants Process



The Pre-Award phase begins with the announcement of funding opportunities for grants and involves the preparation, submission, and review of proposals to those announcements.



The Award phase involves making funding decisions and notifying awardees of their selection for a grant.

  • Response - Applicants are notified of the funding decision
  • Processing - Agency reviews, approves, and sends award documents to awardees  



The Post-Award phase involves setting up accounts in the financial payment system and monitoring awardees for compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and submission of required reports.

  • Payments - Awardee sets up an account in the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) system to receive funding
  • Monitoring - Awardee and Agency each monitor grant activities to ensure compliance with specific program policies, regulations, and required reporting, including annual accomplishments reports


Close Out

The close-out phase of the grant lifecycle involves the submission, review, and approval of all final reports as required by specific program policies and regulations.

  • Reporting - Awardee submits the final financial report and final technical report
  • Review and Approval - Agency reviews and approves final financial and technical reports for regulatory compliance and quality of final technical accomplishment descriptions


Nicole Goldsworthy, Grant Coordinator
Phone: (254) 501-3084
Building 136, Room 121B