Logos and Templates

Logos and Templates


50th Anniversary Letterhead (color)

Letterhead (one color)

Letterhead (color)


PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation (Brand Focus)

Course Schedule (B&W)

Course Schedule (Color - Portrait)

Course Schedule (Color - Landscape)

Blank 8.5 x 11 in. PORTRAIT Sign

Blank 8.5x11 in. LANDSCAPE Sign

Powerpoint Slide Show (animated)

Certificate of Recognition 1 signature

Certificate of Recognition 2 signatures

Certificate of Appreciation 1 signature

Certificate of Appreciation 2 signatures

E-Mail Signature for Outlook 2007

E-Mail Signature for Outlook 2010

If you need help downloading logos, please watch the tutorial videos here:

Downloading Logo & Mascot   |   Inserting JPEG files in Word   |   Inserting PDF Files in Word


The logos, mascot logos, taglines and map graphic below may be downloaded and used in accordance with the Graphic Standard Guidelines. Other file types are available upon request from the Marketing & Outreach Department:

Horizontal:  Color  |  B&W  |   Blue

Vertical:  Color  |  B&W   | Blue

Extreme Horizontal:  Color  |   B&W   |   Blue


For Students of the Real World (white): One Line  |  Two lines  |  Three Lines

For Students of the Real World (black): One Line  |  Two lines  |  Three Lines


Horizontal:   Color  |  B&W

Vertical:  Color  |  B&W

Desktop Wallpaper

PC: 1024 x 768  |  1240 x 620  |  1280 x 800

MAC: 1920 x 1200