Mura Web Content Management System

Mura Web Content Management System

Mura is a website content management system (CMS) that CTC implemented in early 2014.  Content management is distributed to "content owners" who maintain the accuracy of their pages.  The web team serves as consultants in developing visually appealing, dynamic and interactive web content based on user needs.

CTC Mura Resources

CTC Mura resources are tools that outline the best practices, dos & don'ts and provide a step-by-step content management guide. 

New User Training

Training for new Mura users is scheduled through the HR calendar. Mura training requests are to be made by supervisors. If the new person to be trained is replacing an existing Mura user, provide name of person being replaced at the time the training for new person is requested.

Mura Documentation

Mura has online documentation for content contributors that may be helpful for users. 

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