Who do I call? Who does what here?
This handy publication provides details on CTC office functions to guide you to the right location.

If you see an error, please contact the department responsible for the area concerned.

Business Services

Business Services includes Contracting, Purchasing, CTC Bookstore, Food Services, Housing, Repographics, Inventory Management, Shipping and Receiving and Mail Distribution.

Continental Campus

Continental Campus operations and personnel.

CTC Foundation and College Development

Many answers to your Foundation, College development and scholarship questions may be found on our Foundation and Scholarship web pages.

Distance Education & Educational Technology

Development and maintenance of distance education courses and the implementation of educational technology including distance education technical support, Blackboard, online testing, Distance Education website, Distance Education course catalog and online and/or multimedia course development and revisions.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management includes facilities maintenance/repair issues, drafting/building floorplans, transportation and room reservations.

Fiscal Management

Fiscal Management includes Budget Management, Accounting, Bursar's Office, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable/Business Office.

Fort Hood Campus

CTC Fort Hood operations.

Human Resources

If you have any questions regarding employment opportunities, training needs, payroll, benefits or personnel records, please contact the appropriate department within Human Resources.

Information Technology

The IT Division works through three departments to ensure that CTC’s information needs are addressed. Resources, information and archived documents can be found on our Information Technology website

Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness includes institutional planning, assessment, survey development and research design.

Instructional Program Support Services
Serves as the point of contact for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Higher Education Regional Council. It is responsible for current and proposed instructional programs, licensure requirements for CTC to conduct operations at locations-at-a-distance, MIVER reviews, articulation agreements, Carl Perkins federal grant administration, clearinghouse inventory of all traditionally delivered course syllabi, clearinghouse inventory of instructional materials.

The mission of the Oveta Culp Hobby Memorial Library is to help patrons develop the information literacy competencies to achieve success in their academic pursuits and become effective, lifelong information users. The mission is also to support the instructional and research needs of CTC faculty, staff and the diverse population of the campus and the surrounding community.

Marketing & Outreach

Marketing and Outreach includes media and community relations, marketing and publicity, graphics/desktop publishing/publications, photography/college photos, CTCD website, requests for promotional items/materials and enrollment communications.

Public Education & Special Projects

Public Education and Special Projects includes Dual Enrollment operations for MCA,KISD & CCISD, Early College High School, Gear Up, Upward Bound, P20, community courses offered in Copperas Cove, on-campus ISD events, DL enrollment management, course scheduling and quality assurance.

Risk Management

Risk Management includes workplace health and safety, workers compensation, insurance claims, legal issues and review, security services (campus police) and the Student and Employee Assistance Program.

Student Life

Student Life includes student activities and discipline, student clubs and organizations, Student Government (SGA), student publications, group/individual CTC campus tours, multicultural committee and student ambassadors.

Student Success & Persistence

Student Success & Persistence (SSP) is a collaboration of departments and services: Academic Studio - Student Success Center, Disability Support Services and the Career Center with support from Advising & Success Program Counseling, Retention Services and the Student Success & Engagement Strategies committee. The department works in unison to support the college mission of providing students an accessible education that supports student success and employability.

Student Services-Overall

Student Services includes Admissions, Records and Registration, Financial Aid/VA, Testing Services, GoArmyEd/Distance Learning Records, GoArmyEd Student Services, Eagles on Call Center, Student Services, International Student Services, Skills Center Counseling, and Guidance and Counseling.

Student Services-Dean

Many of the answers to your Student Services questions can be found on the CTC website at When you have questions for which you can’t find an answer, please contact the appropriate employee on the departmental list. You may also call the main Student Services number at 254-526-1298.

Student Services-Admissions and Recruitment (Central Campus)

Many of the answers to your Admissions/Recruitment questions can be found on the CTC website at When you have questions for which you can’t find an answer, please contact the appropriate employee on the departmental list. You may also call the main Admissions Office at (254) 526-1753 or Recruitment at (254) 526-1409.

Student Services-DL/GAE Records

Provides support to distance learners located outside the college service area and Texas and at overseas locations. Local/Service Area online students should be referred to the appropriate Texas Campus Records Office.

Student Services-Eagles on Call

The Eagles on Call Center provides support to distance learners and GoArmyEd students. Our dedicated team of Student Services Advisors staffs our Eagles On Call center ready to assist prospective and current CTC students through the admission and course enrollment process. We are available to assist current or prospective students in planning course schedules, degree plans, and general academic advising. Many of the answers to your Distance Learning Student Services questions can be found on the CTC website at You may call the Eagles On Call center at 254-526-1296 or 1-800-792-3348 x1296. When you have questions for which you can’t find an answer, please contact the appropriate employee on this list.

Student Services-Evaluations
GoArmyEd (GAE) Evaluations, SOCAD/SOCNAV/SOCMAR/Civilian/GAE Evaluations, Counseling and Graduation
Student Services-Financial Aid/VA Services

Many of the answers to your Financial Aid/VA questions can be found on the CTC website at When you have questions for which you can’t find an answer, please contact the appropriate employee on the departmental list. You may also call the Financial Aid Office at 254-526-1268 or Veterans Services Office at 254-526-1160.

Student Services-International Student Services
International student admissions, registration, immigration regulations, visa requirements, testing, employment authorization, program extensions, school transfers, practical training, travel outside the U.S., academic counseling
Student Services-Skills Center Counseling
Individualized, self-paced and open-entry programs, Skills Center enrollment information, counseling and job placement Information for certificate programs
Student Services-Guidance and Counseling

Includes general admissions and enrollment information, registration process, incoming transcripts, add/drop forms, degree or certificate plans, referral services, graduation assistance, retention services and advisement counseling.

Student Services-Systems Registrar
Federal and institutional reporting, Central Campus Records and Registration. Student Record File Room, Colleague Student System Training, Course Scheduling, C&I Records and Registration, Outgoing Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications, State Reports, National Clearinghouse, etc.
Student Services-Testing Services

GED, CLEP, DANTES (DSST), ASE, HESI A2, ACT, TSI, central campus online testing, Skills Center module testing, proctor testing, DL online testing, proctor approvals, instructor POC.