Student Services-Guidance and Counseling

Many answers to your guidance and counseling questions can be found on the CTC Academic Advising website at When you have questions for which you cannot find an answer, please contact the appropriate person on this list.
Department/Responsibility Points of Contact

Director, Guidance and Counseling

  • Supervises Guidance Counseling personnel 
  • Supervises Director of International Student Services
  • Supervises the Director of Skills Center
  • Supervises the Coordinator of Transfer Evaluation
  • Assists students with registration questions, as needed
  • Evaluations of Foreign Transfer Credits

Jenilee Williams, Director, Guidance and Counseling
Bldg 119, Room 116 (By Appointment)


Guidance and Counseling, Clerical Support

  • General admissions and enrollment information
  • Registration process
  • Add/drop forms
  • Document Processing

Wally Rios, Assistant to Director
Bldg 119, Room 118

Evelyn Thompson, Office Specialist
Bldg 119, Room 119



  • General admissions and enrollment information
  • Registration process
  • Add/drop forms
  • Degree or certificate plans
  • Referral services
  • Graduation assistance
  • Incoming transcripts

Lena Anderson, Guidance Counselor (ESL)
Bldg 119, Room 120

Charlene Cooks, Guidance Counselor (GoArmyEd)
Bldg 119, Room 114

Myrna Hawkins, Guidance Counselor (Outreach)
Bldg 119, Room 111

Veronica Martin, Guidance Counselor (Retention)
Bldg 119, Room 113

Chalitta Moore, Guidance Counselor (Transfers)
Bldg 119, 115

Christopher Niswonger, Guidance Counselor (Outreach)
Bldg 119, Room 117

Laurie Sackett, Guidance Counselor (Nursing)
Bldg 119, Room 117

Karla Williams, Vocational/Technical Counselor
Bldg 119, Room 112

Transfer EvaluationS

  • Articulates transfer courses from official transcripts 
  • Maintains Colleague’s Degree Audit and trains CTC personnel on use
  • Maintains educational institutions in Ellucian’s Colleague
  • Supervises incoming transcript personnel
Jessica Santiago, Coordinator, Transfer Evaluations
Bldg 119, Room 216B

Incoming Transcripts

  • Log and track incoming transcripts
  • Student Inquiries regarding transcripts
  • Receipt and processing of Joint Services Transcripts (JST)

Ida Walker, Clerk II
254-526-1984 or
Bldg 119, Room 222

Yolanda GathersOffice Specialist I
Bldg 119, Room 222

Keya Thompson, Office Specialist II
Bldg 119, Room 222

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