Information for Dual Credit Faculty

Dual credit allows high school students to simultaneously earn credit toward a high school diploma and a post-secondary degree or certificate. Central Texas College works closely with high schools to deliver college courses that are identical to those offered on the college campus. Credits earned in a dual credit course become part of the student’s permanent college record.

Dual credit instructors provide a vital service by helping students bridge the gap between high school and college. Some of the ways in which this is done include establishing a rigorous standard comparable to university courses in difficulty, expecting more independence from students, conforming to policies and procedures of CTC, and explaining about student life at college.

Thank you for your interest in teaching CTC's dual credit courses. We appreciate your hard work. Please click on the sections below:

Current Syllabi for Dual Credit Classes

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  • AUMT 1405 Introduction to Automotive Technology
  • AUMT 1407 Automotive Electrical Systems
  • AUMT 1410 Automotive Brake Systems
  • AUMT 2305 Automotive Engine Theory


  • ENGL 1301 Composition I
  • ENGL 1302 Composition II
  • ENGL 2322 British Literature I
  • ENGL 2323 British Literature II

Fine Arts

  • ARTS 1311 Design I
  • MUSI 1306 Music Appreciation


  • CHEF 1301 Basic Food Preparation
  • CHEF 1305 Sanitation and Safety
  • CHEF 1341 American Regional Cuisine
  • HAMG 2301 Principles of Food and Beverage Operations
  • IFWA 1318 Nutrition for the Food Service Professional
  • PSTR 1301 Fundamentals of Baking
  • RSTO 1221 Menu Management


  • MATH 1332 Contemporary Math
  • MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods
  • MATH 1314 College Algebra
  • MATH 2412 Precalculus


  • AGRI 1419 Introduction to Animal Science
  • BIOL 1406 General Biology
  • BIOL 1407 General Biology II
  • BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL 2402 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • CHEM 1411 General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 1412 General Chemistry II
  • ENVR 1401 Environmental Science

Social Science

  • ECON 2301 Macroeconomics
  • ECON 2302 Microeconomics
  • GOVT 2305 Federal Government
  • GOVT 2306 Texas Government
  • HIST 1301 United States History I
  • HIST 1302 United States History II
  • PSYC 2301 General Psychology
  • SOCI 1301 Sociology

Dual Credit Instructor Training:

Annual training was held August 20, 2018. Please email your CTC point of contact for materials.

Did you miss our annual training?  Please reach out to your department chair to schedule an individual meeting.  Feel free to download the materials below:

CTC Webpages for High School

Campus Resource Links:
  • To use resources on campus, please obtain CTC identification cards for you and your students in Bldg 209.  All instructors and students wishing to obtain an ID must bring photo identification.
  • The library is a wonderful resource available to your dual credit classroom wherever you are located. They are located in Bldg 240.
  • The Student Success and Persistence Department offers free tutoring for students enrolled in CTC classes, to include dual credit courses, as well as a myriad of other services. They are located in Bldg 220.
  • Disability Support Services provides educational access for students who submit appropriate disability documentation. They are located in Bldg 215.
  • The bookstore offers the most up to date textbooks for dual credit courses. They are located in Bldg 559.
  • Free counseling is available to staff and students through the Student and Employee Assistance Program.
  • The Career Center is designed to assist you in all phases of the career planning and job search process. Their services are free and open to students, alumni, and the community. They are located in Bldg 215.
  • The gym is available to students and staff in Bldg 545.
  • For your convenience, please see the Campus Map.

District Calendars

Please note the student holidays and early release days.  All students may not have access to the course from home; most students will work predominately from the classroom.  Do not have due dates on weekends or school holidays.  Avoid exams on early release days.

Brady | Burnet | CherokeeCopperas Cove | Florence | Fredericksburg Goldthwaite | Hamilton | Hico

Killeen | Lampasas | Llano | Lohn | Lometa | Marble Falls | Mason |  MCA  | Priddy | Rochelle | San Saba

Cert Roll Process and POCs
  • You will receive an email from or your CTC dual credit point of contact  at the beginning of each course containing your Certified Rolls for that course. These rolls include all students registered by the census date of your class.
  • It is critical that you ensure all entries are correct because these rolls are the basis for CTC state reporting and funding.  Signing an unverified roll is considered a fraudulent action.
  • Report any discrepancies following instructions in the email.
  • Return the rolls within 3 days. Keep your sent email as a file copy for 1.5 years.
  • For questions, please call 254-526-1679 or 1-800-792-3348.

Download cert roll instructions here.

Grade Book Processes and POCs
  • Grade books are submitted at the end of each course you teach. You may submit them via email. You will receive an email request for your grade books a week before they are due and prompt attention is appreciated.
  • At the top of the grade book, type in the course information, for example, GOVT2305 TMD06 93758. You can obtain this information from the cert roll you received at the beginning of the course or within the grade book request email.
  • Your grade book will include grades for all assignments and tests for the full term.
  • Your grade book in Blackboard should have an average column for the numeric grade used by the school districts and a Final Grade Column with the corresponding letter grade used by CTC.
  • If you are teaching a semester long course, all courses except GOVT and ECON, please make sure to send the entire 16 weeks of your grade book.
  • An email confirmation will be sent once your grade book has been received.
  • You will also need to enter your final grades into Eagle Self-Service. Please do this by the deadline. Your grades in your grade book and in Eagle Self-Service must match.
  • It is very important that grade books and grades are submitted on time for state reporting. CTC could lose funding for students not reported.
  • For questions, please call 254-526-1679 or 1-800-792-3348.

Download Blackboard grade book instructions here.

Download Eagle Self-Service grade submission instructions here.

Points of Contact

Please click here for your CTC dual credit points of contact.

Steps to Become a Dual Credit Instructor for CTC
  1. If you are a current CTC faculty member, discuss your interest with your department chair.
  2. If you are a high school instructor, email your unofficial transcripts and a letter requesting the courses you would like to teach to your CTC dual credit point of contact .  They will submit a faculty qualifications form on your behalf.
    1. For university parallel courses, a Master's degree and 18 semester hours in the discipline is the minimum education requirements.
    2. For career and technical education courses, an associate's degree is the minimum requirement.
  3. Once your CTC dual credit point of contact has informed you of faculty qualifications approval, have your colleges/universities send official transcripts directly to CTC Human Resources at: Central Texas College, Employment Services, PO Box 1800, Killeen, TX, 76540-1800.
  4. Depending on your school district's dual credit agreement with CTC, you may need to submit an application for employment. Inquire with your CTC dual credit point of contact  .
  5. Attend an annual dual credit instructor training with the Department of Public Education and Special Projects.
  6. Dual credit instructors will be evaluated according to CTC's evaluation policies for other part-time/adjunct, with the recommendation for continuation being the responsibility of the campus academic department. CTC provides on-site supervision and evaluation of the dual credit faculty.
  7. Student surveys will be administered in the dual credit course within the time frame and with the method (paper or electronic) utilized by the college. Survey results will be provided to the instructors and academic department.

Dual Credit Course Implementation, Management, and Best Practices (utilizing Blackboard)