Etrieve Help

Welcome to the CTC Etrieve Help Page. 

Etrieve is a multifaceted program from Softdocs containing three separate applications: Central, Content, and Security.  In this phase we are implementing Central and Security.  Security works in the background and the administrators will handle that part.  Content will replace Doc e Scan in the future, but for now we will focus on Central.  Central is the new eforms application.

Central is a little different from Doc e Fill so we created some help guides to get you started. The document links below should get you started with Etrieve Central, the latest Softdocs eforms platform. We will also be introducing short turorial videos as well as face-to-face classroom training in the near future to guide you through the transition from Doc e Fill.

As always you can contact Scott in Employee Training at 254-526-1381 or Teresa in IT at 254-501-3103 if you need further assistance.

Login Guide Menu Guide
Initiating a Form Guide Toolbar Guide

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