Employee Access to Eagle Self-Service

Employee instructions for accessing Eagle Self-Servicce

Why do you need to access Eagle Self-Service?  I'll give you Five good reasons:

  1. Time Entry for hourly-employees
  2. Time Approval for supervisors of hourly-employees
  3. Tax Information (electronic W-2 and IRS 1095)
  4. Earnings Statements (make sure you are getting paid and check leave balance)
  5. Banking Information (make sure your money is going where it's supposed to)

Notice how all these have to do with PAY?
For pay or tax issues, contact:
Debbi Austin
Director, Payroll Services
Central Texas College
PO Box 1800
Killeen TX  76540-1800
(254) 526-1384
(800) 792-3348 x 1384 (outside TX)
(800) 223-4760 x 1384 (TX)

So let's get you into Eagle Self-Service

This link will take you to the Eagle Self-Service Sign In Page
In the future you can use the link from the Faculty & Staff Home Page.
CTC Faculty and Staff Login Menu

For new employees who have never registered for Eagle Self-Service, enter your User Name in the User Name field: (lower case 'c' + your seven-digit CTC ID, example: c1234567). Your initial password is the first letter of your first name+the first letter of your last name+your six digit date of birth+ctcollege. For example, using Alan Brown who was born on March 23 1973, his password would be ab032373ctcollege with no separators
Eagle Self-Service Sign In Screen

You should then be asked to change your password to a passphrase. Note: your new passphrase must be a minimum of 16 character and should use a combination of capital letters, lower-case letters and numerals. You cannot use spaces or special characters in the new passphrase

If you are a faculty member, you may already be using your Eagle Self-Service USER ID and PASSWORD to enter class information.  If so, you don't have to set up a new User ID or Password.

If you should ever forget your password you can click the "password" link on the Eagle Self-Service Sign In Page.
Eagle Self-Service Password Change Link

If you have trouble with your password, please contact Employment Services at ext. 1303, 1304, 1562, or 1384 for assistance.

Once you get logged in, click the Employees link in the left-hand menu.
Eagle Self-Service Sign In Menu

For Hourly-Employees, click the Time entry link to access your Time Sheet.
Eagle Self-Service Hourly Employee Menu

Supervisors of Hourly-Employees, click the Time Approval (for supervisors) link to approve/disapprove Time Sheets.
Eagle Self-Service Time Approval Link

Employees can also access their:

  1. Position Summary
  2. Leave Plan Summary
  3. Stipends
  4. Total Compensation
  5. Tax Information
  6. Earning Statements
  7. Banking Information
    Self Service Menu Options