Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness studies how well CTC is meeting its goals through research, planning, evaluation, and policy analysis. Our department is located in the Clear Creek Building (Building 136), Suite 121 or we can be reached at (254) 526-1154.

Director of Institutional Effectiveness:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Institutional Effectiveness
  • AMS System Administrator
Dr. Marie Valentin, Room 117B
Phone: (254) 526-1264

Coordinator of Institutional Research:

  • Institutional Research
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Open Records Requests
  • Surveys

Douglas R Bussell, Room 121A
Phone: (254) 526-1484

 accountability aND CURRICULUM SUPPORT specialist:

  • Accountability and Curriculum Support
  • Information Research
  • Reporting

Jose Lozano, Room 121B
Phone: (254) 501-3049