About IT

IT Organization Chart

The IT Division works through three departments to ensure that CTC’s information needs are addressed.

The face of IT and the department most CTC employees interact with is the IT Customer Service Department. This department links the CTC community and the IT Division together via the IT Help Desk, the telephone switchboard, and the Education and Training Coordinator. Additionally, the IT Customer Service Department oversees and manages software licensing, CTC's telephone system, and the desktop rotation on the Central and Service Area campuses.

Those that use the Colleague administrative system have most likely used some of the tools and products created and/or maintained by our Information Services Department. While the Information Services Department does not work with the public in the same way our Customer Service Department does, the Information Services Department assists the departments tasked with the management of student, fiscal, and human resource information. In a manner similar to the IT Customer Service Department, the IT Information Systems Department is the link that connects Colleague end-users with Ellucian (formerly Datatel) via custom programming, ad hoc reporting, and software updates.

The IT Infrastructure Department is responsible for service delivery via our communications network and is the most technology driven of our departments. This department oversees and maintains the hardware (e.g., servers, storage devices, switches, and cables) and software (e.g., email, storage management, operating systems, and databases) that make checking your email, connecting to the Internet, or accessing applications such as Colleague possible. It is this infrastructure that makes it possible to store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve data. The IT Infrastructure Department’s principal objectives are to ensure that services are highly, if not continuously, available, secure, and recoverable. Our computing and communications infrastructure processes millions of transactions a day while maintaining the integrity of the data being transmitted. As such, our infrastructure establishes the link between the sources and destinations of data.