IT Security

Policy Review

In compliance with Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 202, we ask all CTC employees to please review HR Policies 294 and 295. For further training and information, please review Sophos’ Online Security Training Handbook.

Spoofed Sophos Emails

If you receive an email from Sophos asking you to download an attachment, immediately delete the message. This is a spoofed email from scammers who want you to download malware they have attached to the email. Sophos never distributes updates through email. More about this recent wave of spam and Sophos' blog can be found here.

Phone Scammers

If you receive a phone call from someone who wants to scan your computer for viruses, do not give the caller access to your computer. Do not download any special tool for virus protection. Do not visit websites or click pop-up ads offering virus protection or scanning. CTC computers already have Sophos (a security and anti-virus tool) installed.

If you receive an unsolicited phone call and the caller requests access to your computer, please hang up and initiate a call to the IT Help Desk. This way you can be certain you’re speaking to a legitimate CTC employee.