Safety Manual Policy and Procedures

2021 Safety Manual Policies and Procedures Book

Section 1

Policy No. 100: Employee Accident Prevention

Policy No. 102: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Awareness

Policy No 105: Accident Prevention on Campus Roadways

Policy No 109: Emergency Alerts

Policy No. 110: Emergency Evacuation and Drills

Policy No. 111: Emergency Lockdown Procedures and Drills

Policy No. 115: Safety Guidelines for Active Shooter Situations on Campus

Policy No. 120: Drug Free Workplace 

Policy No. 125: Inclement Weather

Policy No. 126: Key Control

Policy No: 130: Firearms and Weapons

Policy No. 131: Campus Carry, Firearms and Weapons

Policy No 132: Posting Procedures for Gun-Free Zone Signs

Policy No. 135: Unsafe Office Conditions

Policy No. 140: Departmental Safety Inspections

Policy No. 145: Motor Vehicle Records 

Policy No. 150: Driver Safety

Policy No. 151: Transportation and Escort

Policy No. 152: Small Utility Vehicle and Golf Cart Use

Policy No. 153: Drones

Policy No. 155: Ergonomics in the Workplace

Policy No. 160: Blood Borne Pathogens

Policy No. 165: Pandemic Response Plan

Policy No. 170: Personal Protective Equipment

Policy No. 175: Temporary Food Events and Potluck Events

Policy No. 180: Use of Facilities and Grounds and Event Approval

Policy No 185: Free Speech, Peaceful Assembly & Expressive Activity

Policy No. 190: Recreational Trail Use 

Section 2

Policy No. 200: Safety Training

Policy No. 205: Hazard Communications (HAZCOM)

Policy No. 210: Hazardous and Nonhazardous Waste Disposal


Policy No. 300: Disaster Declaration and Incident Command

Policy No. 305: Emergency Operations Plan

Policy No. 310: Threat Assessment Team

Policy No. 315: Zero Tolerance Policy Statement


Policy No. 400: Workers' Compensation

Policy No. 405: Accident Investigation

Policy No. 410: Safety Reporting Procedures

Policy No. 415: Return to Work Program


Bomb Threat Checklist

Employee Injury Incident Report

Supervisor/Faculty Injury Incident Report 

Student/Visitor Injury Incident Report

Property Damage

Unsafe Workplace Condition Report

Motor Vehicle Release Authorization

PPE Acknowledgement Form

Safety Inspection Checklist (Offices)

Safety Inspection Checklist (Shop/Labs)

Temporary Food Event Checklist

Bloodborne Pathogen Policy Acknowledgement/Declination Form


Academic and Business Continuity Plan (Template)

Employee Acknowledgement

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